Acceptance and commitment Therapy (ACt) in Lincoln

What is ACT?
"I will help you explore your thoughts, feelings and behaviours to create meaningful changes in your life."
Kate Carr
What is ACT?
ACT Therapy is a form of CBT that teaches psychological flexibility. This involves noticing, observing and being mindful of thoughts, images, memories and emotions instead of trying to control, get rid or change them.
ACT helps you make sense of the way you behave in response to difficult thoughts, feelings and emotions and work out which responses are helpful. ACT is based on the fact it is inevitable that we will all experience unwanted difficult thoughts, emotions and feelings at times but it's how we react to them that's key. ACT helps you to not engage in such a struggle with them but instead be aware of what's happening and choose how to respond.

In addition, ACT helps you develop insight into your personal values and take steps to move towards living your life in line with these and what matters most to you. Instead of living a life in line with what others may expect of you, ACT explores your own personal values within various life areas including work, relationships, learning, hobbies/interests, spirituality and more to help you work out what you want your life to look like and how you want to behave.

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